Sorting toggle options?

Is there a way I can sort the options that show up from a linked table in my toggle options? I’m trying to make a page to take care of my car maintenance, and I’d like for the toggle to be sorted the same way that my original table of cars is.

Hey there @John_Sekutowski !

Is there any way you can share you doc? I keep trying to replicate your issue, but no matter what I do my select lists keep automatically sorting.

What you could potentially do is:

  1. In your Cars table add a column called Sort with the formula thisTable.find(thisRow) Or alternatively, just type in the numbers 1,2,3 into a column
  2. Have your select be the following formula:

That would essentially force the sorting of the select list to follow your typed in pattern

Hey @Scott_Collier-Weir!

This helped. I don’t know what the issue was, but having it set to “table order” was not replicating the actual table order. And even when I matched the same sort on the toggle as was on the table, the sort wasn’t the same. However, I added a “new car”, and the sorting figured itself out. So it was some sort of weird bug, or something.

Anyway. Thanks for the help!


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