Launched: Easier Column Formatting

The column formatting menu that opens in the right side panel of a doc when you select Options > Column from a Table or View is getting a lot more powerful. Fans of Card Viewーyou’re especially going to want to check this out!

Previously, the column formatting panel allowed you to re-order your columns and choose whether to show or hide them.

Now, in addition to visibility controls and ordering, you can add and configure columns in this panel. Your new options are:

  • Add Columns
  • Delete Column
  • Rename Column
  • Set/Change Column Type
  • Search


You may notice we’ve also updated the menu to show the column type icon next to the column name so you can more easily manage these settings.


This is good news ! Stumbled into a question though, as sorting my columns is something I’ve been struggling with a lot. Is it possible to reorder the way that columns appear while hidden ? Every time I drag and drop one it goes right back to its original location.

This post seemed to indicate maybe I was doing something wrong ?

This seems like a fantastic addition! Makes working with columns less frustrating and faster.

The biggest struggle I face with Coda is that I notice that I end up messing a lot with settings of columns. If this menu also had a “Duplicate column” option, most of my problems with this would be gone. I’ve gotten frustrated quite many times with wanting to create a similar column with few changes and to do that I have to do it all over again. eg. column format, date format, currency format, currency symbol, formula, lookup options etc. Duplication would save my sanity.


Hi Nate, are you able to provide a screenshot or a sequence of steps that demonstrate the issue you are experiencing? Thanks. -Matthew

I can reproduce this.
In the same Options > Columns -view if there are hidden columns, trying to reorder them via drag and drop does not work. The UI shows that it would work indicating the new location, but when letting go, the column returns to its original position. No error is shown in developer console.

Screenshot 2020-05-13 at 10.37.12

This on Mac 10.15.2 & Chrome 80.0.3987.163

The same behaviour also happens with Safari

Hi Jami,

We don’t allow sorting for hidden columns, but that could be useful. I’ll add it to our notes.


Also, another, potentially bigger problem is that onfiguring columns is also prevented for hidden columns. This would be useful for example when other columns are using results of a hidden column and there is a need to quickly check or modify a formula of a hidden column. Right now it requires unhiding or a different view.