Updates for Conditional Formatting, Page Link Formatting & Date Calculations

It’s been a while since we took the time to share details on some of the things we’re fixing behind the scenes, but we wanted to make sure our valued community members hear about some of the latest tweaks to improve your Coda experience!

More precise date and time calculations

Adding dates and times often requires converting values to share common denominators. For example, thanks to the musical ‘Rent,’ most of us know that 1 year = 525,600 minutes. After combing through our formula and calculation logic, we found that some calculations were using fractions of days to generate a result. In a few cases, this could result in small rounding errors, so we’ve replaced our time calculation logic so that time units are broken down as discretely as possibleーmost often into seconds. (Please be advised that this particular update is rolling out a bit more gradually, and should be applied to 100% of docs in the next few days.)

Improved formatting consistency

We identified some outliers when it came to formatting and text styling, and resolved those, too:

  • Strikethrough conditional formatting in tables now applies to numbers as well as text, so if you apply a conditional format to all columns, there won’t be “gaps” in the formatting on number or date columns
  • Page links now accept text styling. Gone are the days of an italicized paragraph with a page link or reference refusing to conform to the italicized formatting like the rest of your text!

Easier to manage hidden columns

Sometimes it’s the little things that make life easier. Now, when you open the column panel, your hidden columns will be listed alphabetically. Of course, you can still search for columns in the column panel, in addition to adding, deleting, renaming and reordering them.

We’re always listening to your feedback and working on everything from large-scale feature launches to small fixes in Coda. We hope these small tweaks help make Coda an even smoother, precise tool for you and your teams.


Can you alphabetize the hidden columns when creating filters? If I press Filter, then Add Filter, the hidden columns are split from the visible ones but they aren’t alphabetized.