Launched: Conditional Formatting without Formulas

A few weeks ago, we launched the new Filtering UX. You no longer need to write formulas to filter your data.

We’ve now brought the same experience to Conditional Formatting. As soon as you choose a column, we’ll automatically offer you simple controls to set up your rules.

We continue to allow you to use formulas as before by just choosing the formula option when adding a rule. We also built a way for you to see the underlying formula for any builder, to make it easier to learn the formula language and have even more control. You can use the same method to convert most of your existing conditional formats into the new experience.

Finally, we’ve also made it easier to format a whole column by simply choosing a column and a format. Whenever you choose a format without a condition, it will now apply to all rows by default.

Happy formatting!


These little changes are fantastic, Coda is really maturing nicely I love it :smiley:


You Codans are on fire! Thank you for the hard work.
I can’t keep up with updating my docs with all the cool new features. :smiley:

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