Launched: Filter your data without formulas

Until now, the only way to create a filter in Coda was by writing formulas. Users told us that having to write formulas was too complex for common scenarios, so we set out to design a simpler filtering experience.

Today, we’re launching the new filtering experience in Coda:

As soon as you choose the column you want to filter your data by, we’ll automatically offer the intuitive filter controls for you to manipulate and see the results update immediately. You can also change the operator on your filter and will get the right control. You can add as many different rules as you like and also add more than one filter on the same column to accomplish more complex scenarios. You can even create different combinations of AND and OR without the need for formulas.

We continue to allow you to create filters using formulas as before by just clicking the formula button on top. You can even create filters using a combination of formulas and simple builders so you don’t have to choose between writing formulas and using the filter controls. We also built a way for you to see the underlying formula for any builder, to make it easier to learn the formula language and have even more control.

Finally, the new experience is smart enough to be able to convert the formulas you write back into builders. We’ve upgraded the existing filters you’ve created using formulas to the new experience. That way, you can modify them easily and see a summary of them in plain english. If you want to continue to use formulas, just click the formula button and we will remember your choice going forward.

Check out the blog post to learn more about our design process. Give the new experience a try on your existing docs or in a new doc. We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Happy filtering!



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Really nicely done, interesting behind-the-scenes blog post too.

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Wow, this is great! Knocking it out of the pack!

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That looks wonderful!


That’s interesting and useful information :ok_hand:


designed towards the current needs of the users

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Hey Angad,

Would like to request a feature. When we create select list, the order is sorted only according to alphabetical order. It would be great if we could set a custom order to a select list. Like priorities and crm pipeline stages.


Hey @Vignesh_Sankar I’m not able to reproduce that issue on my end.

Is this related to Filtering or Select Lists in general? Can you please message us on Intercom using the question mark button on the bottom right? We can track down the issue there.

Would it be possible to filter buttons by whether they are disable/active?

I’m looking at that Inventory Tracking template and would love to filter by what items are available to check out. I guess it would be possible in this example to filter the ‘Inventory Status’ column but it might help in other circumstances to filter by the button’s status.

Hey @Nick_Storrs, we definitely considered filtering by enabled/disabled buttons. Turns out it was tricky to get that to work so we had to scope it out for now. However, all you actually have to do for that is to copy the formula that is in “Disable If” and paste it in into the Filter using the Formula option. That will show you the rows that are disabled and if you want to see the enabled ones then just add a “.Not()” at the end. Let me know if that works for you.

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I mostly Prefix Digitis for sorting :wink: