How do you create a filter with a formula?

Hi. I am new to the community. Nice to meet you all! I’m an AirTable user but I’m super excited about the idea of integrating pages and tables. I’m basically building a project management database with tables for clients, people, and tasks - and I am building an intranet, and CODA gives me the option of combining them.

One thing I haven’t figured out - but seems like it should be easy - is to filter a date field for “Before” - I want to see all records before a variable (not a fixed date). In my case: Due before one week from today.

Interestingly, I did figure out the formula for that, but the results are a list of the records rather than a filtered set of results within the table.

So - maybe what I haven’t figured out to do is a filter that uses a formula?

Thanks for any insights.

Mary Going

hi @Mary_Going , welcome!

via the table options you can add a filter and next enter a formula.

hope it helps, Christiaan

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Yes. That helps. I missed that little F.


Thanks to @Christiaan_Huizer I now have a filter formula. Good news! The next step is a complex one with more than one criteria. I can’t seem to get the syntax down. How do I say filter one AND filter two, etc.?

  • mary

Dear @Mary_Going,

Have you checked this


With the filter menu you can add more conditions in your filter, have in mind that between the conditions you can switch between “And” & “Or”

And now comes the beauty, especially for the ones between us that have less experience building formulas, when clicking on the right top “f” you will get to see the formula itself


With some more practice and questioning you will soon be more confident and enjoy the satisfaction of building yourself

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