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I’m having a hard time with the filter syntax. My guess is what I need is simple but I don’t know the “language” enough to know what I’m doing wrong. I’m trying to reference a row for “unfilled orders”. Here’s the test doc (“Filter View Unfilled Orders” subpage):

The last row on the bottom (titled “Unfilled Orders”) has a formula problem. My formula is:
[Pending Orders and Requests].Filter([Ordered By].Contains(thisRow)And(Delivered=false))

Without the “And . . .” section the formula works just fine, but I’m clearly formatting it correctly (or just going about it the wrong way). I’m awfully confident this is something Coda can do.

Hey there!

I think you just had some problems with specifically writing the and part


You could also just place a “.” before the And() function and it should work
But i believe that Coda recommends the first example/screenshot

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Thanks!! Ok, so I didn’t need parentheses around the Delivered=false part (in the first example)?

Yeah - You can use the actual and() formula in Coda (See below)

But I just prefer writing in and / or directly

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You can but you shouldn’t

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why? I use it quite often …

Those functions are there for the sole purpose: to be familiar for Excel/Sheets users. They are not optimized, i.e. they won’t short-circuit if earlier conditions are enough to determine the result.

See the similar thing explained here:


  Date >= Today()
  AND SomeComplicatedConditional1
  AND SomeComplicatedConditional2
  AND SomeComplicatedConditional3

would stop at checking the date if it’s in the past and never test the other three conditions — it’s already known that the result of the whole expression is false.


    Date >= Today(),

would calculate all four conditions every time because that’s how functions work — first the arguments are evaluated and then the function gets the results of each argument’s resulting value.

P.S. The official docs say it as well:


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