Beta Access to the New Filtering Experience

Hey everyone

We’re starting to test our brand new filtering experience with users and are looking for feedback.

This features allows you to filter your tables and views without the use of formulas. You can use intuitive components to filter your data. It also supports AND/OR as well as a combination of complex formulas and simple builders.

We’re especially interested in users who are willing to record their screen & voice while they test the feature so we can address any issues and you can do it on your own time. However, that is not a requirement at all.

Please let us know by posting below and I can send you the instructions.



Hi Angad!

I would be willing to help you guys testing it

Yes! That is awesome. Any way to make it easier point of entry is good!

Hello Coda Team,

I would like to join the test, but I may not be able to record my voice. Please add me to the list if that’s ok. Thank you.

「Angad Singh via The Coda Community」在 2019年7月19日 週五,上午10:44 寫道:

I’m in, should we be using loom?

In. Can screencap but probably only when I find a bug or something (no news is good news).

I would be interested in joining the test. Thank you.

I would love to try out this kind of feature. I would use CloudApp to record screen activity should it do something unusual.

I would absolutely love to be part of the beta test. It seems to me to be a bit more intuitive than the formula-based entry. While I do love the “under the hood” hack, some individuals might find it a bit intimidating.

This would be great. I’m willing to check it out and provide some feedback.

Absolutely, yes! I love building filters with formulas but am quite sure I’d love building them more declaratively!

I’d like to join the beta!

Hey Angad! I’d love to receive some instructions. :raised_hands:

Hi Angad,

I haven’t seen this update on my coda yet.

Hope that I can try.



I am in :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m interested in joining

I’m interested, thanks!

I would love to test this out

I’m interested to test this feature but like those day’s I can’t give you much feedbacks.

Hey I’m in as well… :slight_smile:
First initial feedback before joining the beta and looking at the gif…

Please give the chance to “activate/deactivate” each filter regardless of the AND and OR…

I mean, for certain situations I wanna have a set of filters activated and for other I want to have active another set

PS: is this test changing my current docs behaviour? I hope not or?