Does coda support modal window

Is there a way to pop up a modal window using a button?

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Nate’s question is straightforward at this point – yes… Use a button in the canvas with “Add Row” as the action and ensure that the “Open Row for Editing” toggle is set to true.

Additional question: is it possible to open a “New Row” model via URL? Say I have a table to record my meals and I want to create a bookmark that opens the section/table with the modal for a new review – is that possible? I know I can do it opening an existing row via URL, but it would be better for my use case to skip any interim steps. Thanks!


@Nate_Williams, you can use the following formula in a button that is set as a “Hyperlink” to open a row. This can be a column button and will open the row the button is in…


@John_Beaudoin_Jack, since this is an action and visiting the URL, I think you need to click a button for it. There isn’t a simple link to visit that will both create a new row AND go to the modal.

I would also be very interested to see as a new feature the ability for Modal’s to pop up on certain actions, and not allow this action to “complete” unless the modal is also completed.

This would be useful when using Coda for Process Management: Say you have a column “status” and you want to force the user to add commentary when moving a row’s status to “closed” or “done.” You could create a text column called “resolution.” If the user wants to move the status to “closed,” force a modal to pop up that would represent the “resolution” column’s field, and require it to be filled out via the modal. I assume this would be accomplished via automations. I think this functionality would would really add a new dimension for rows.

Other uses might be popping up a modal for the “Comments” area of a row, and requiring the user to add a comment when manipulating a column, such as the “assignee” column. In this example you could require that when reassigning a row to another user, a comment is logged with info about why that change is being made.

Hope you guys think this is a good idea too, thanks!


Yeah, +1. I have a few use cases where I’d like to be able to:

  • provide custom info after an action, similar to how coda says “2 rows modified” in a pop up at the bottom of the screen
  • require additional info (1 or 2 fields) after an action - though it sounds like maybe there would be a way to hack this in using a separate table with a new row pop up as mentioned above. Example: the action is setting a project to “completed”. Would love a pop up asking user whether it should be invoiced now. Usually answer is yes, and that button would ping an API in our invoice management software. But every once in a while it’s no.

While not in the official documentation, activate() is a great way to achieve this. Here’s a thread with more details:

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@Nick_HE great ideas here. I would really like to be able to control some “mini” part of a row that would pop up, in certain conditions, that would need to be filled out.

Another example: If you change status to “done,” pop up just the Comments area, and require that a user explain what was done before allowing the status change. I think this would be much more logical than the entire Row popping up and the user needing to figure out what part needs to be filled up before it can be completed.

And I really hope if this functionality comes down the line the Coda team can add it to the “Coda easier for less technically saavy types” initiative. It’s a great feature I’d like to be able to do as easily as I can now set up Filters thanks to the new, user-friendly prompts from a few months back:

(sorry couldn’t find the post announcing when this went into production).