Is there a way to reference row comments?

I want to start using the native Coda row comments:

Does anyone know how to reference them with a formula? Or even better create one with an action/button?


Would love to see more substance around this with future features. Would love to be able to hit a button, and pop up the comments box, or a mini-modal where an individual comment could be entered. It would be one of the mini-modals discussed here:

I have spoken with some of the Coda team about even a Column type “comment”, with some configurability, for example display the latest comment at the top. In this case, you could have a very useful Project Update View: Have a list of your Projects, and the most recent comment from each displaying right in the row in quick view. At a glance you could see multiple projects’ latest updates, very useful.

This is in fact a core feature of Asana that is a differentiator for them, and with simply implementing a comment column type, Coda would duplicate this, too!

Yes @ABp I agree a column type ‘Comment’ which is an array of the comments would be perfect. You could then show the most recents, filter, search, and hopefully append with a button/action!

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@Johg_Ananda great, glad you think this is a potential good implementation to achieve what you are looking for. I too would really like to see a ton more around comments.

And on a related note, I am very eager to see how Coda evolves the Column “types.” Another I’d really like to see is one for any related row across all of Coda, posted about it here (speaking of relating, haha!)

I’m sure there are some other really useful “types” of Columns, can’t wait to see what the Product Team comes up with! The current arrangement is very strong - no overkill, manageable via the right click menu, great UX. I think handling of Columns is a super strength of Coda, and I hope the Product Team thinks this idea is good enough to incorporate!

Yeah I think this would be similar to the created() or rowid() functions that are attributes about the specific row. If they handled it this way they wouldn’t have to add another ‘type’ per se.

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Excellent @Johg_Ananda! Very cool to hear you think this shouldn’t be a huge technical challenge to implement.

By the way appreciated your post:

I watched the webinar later on YouTube, was indeed the top request.

As you can tell, I’d be a consumer of these services, and I am already eager to consume them! Have spent way too much of my own time in Coda the last several months when much of it is over my head. Lately I pulled an actual developer on my team in to help, but I think we could still have a need for consultancy.

I don’t really have an idea how this would look, so no help there. To reiterate my main point of feedback - I just hope this doesn’t go down the road of Atlassian’s Marketplace. Talk about a time suck trying to use apps in there. I would say in my experience maybe 80% of them were bug-ridden, had bogus documentation, and generally next to useless! All the while Jira seemed to stall with evolving key features like Roadmaps, expanded hierarchy, reporting, time tracking, and others, leaving it to the app developers. I have faith that won’t happen with Coda, but I thought I’d add this experience from the point of view as a “buyer” of the services. Currently the Coda community seems to be populated with mostly experts, so I think you’re likely to get that point of view in comments to your post. My hope is this point of view of a buyer/consumer may add some texture to the discussion, since most of you guys who will comment are likely to be the Makers providing the service!

Cheers and nice chatting!

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No way to add comments with an action.

Sorta way to access comments from a formula using system grids ($$[grid:_Global-Comments]), but only for a day or two, after which your doc gets disabled by Coda staff :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (and still a half-baked way to access comments, since only the text and the thread ID are there, no author or time or whatever)

+1 for this feature request.