Access to comments Via the API


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Hi all.

I have been digging through the API documentation and can’t find anything, but I wanted to know if there is any access to the comments section through the API?
I wanted to do something like have the most recent comment pushed to a field so you could get an update at a glance in a table view.



Hey @Hitch, you’re right that the API currently doesn’t let you access comments in Coda docs. This is something that we punted on for the beta as it wasn’t requested often by our initial users, and we’d want to get the API structure right as well. Were you mainly thinking of comments on rows or anywhere else in the doc? We’ll of course look into adding support at some point.


Hi @oleg

The specific use case that I was thinking about was having comments in fields, specifically having the newest comment in a field that you could have on a kanban dashboard so someone could get a snapshot of where a card was at.(wouldn’t have to be through the API, would probs make a good formula)



If anyone was interested in something similar, I was able to make a bit of a hack-around with a sub-table and a button(everyone seems to want me to put buttons everywhere, think its because you can’t in airtable :yum:).

  • Make a sub-table with a column to link to rows on the main table and RowId column.
  • Make a button to add Rows to the sub-table with the Row title as the link column value.
  • Make a column with the list of sub-table rows with a look up, then add a sort based on the row id and slice the highest value.