Feedback requested: Coda is seeking feedback on commenting

Hey there!

My name is Teresa :wave: and I’m a PM here at Coda. We’ve heard your feedback, and are now exploring ways to improve the commenting experience in Coda docs. At this point, we’re still in the research phase and can’t make any promises. With that in mind, we’d love to get some more contextual feedback from our awesome customers.

If you’ve ever wished for comment improvements in Coda, if you use comments in other tools, or if you’re excited about comments in general, we’d love to get your feedback on Coda comments with this quick survey!

Thanks for all you do to help us improve Coda :raised_hands:

Note: We are looking for feedback on the comment experience on the doc content itself, not comments within the formula builder (though if formula comments are important to you, I’d still love to hear your feedback!)


I have replied via the survey - at length - this is a vital feature

I would encourage other makers to respond also



I don’t understand, are you thinking about //comments in formulas, that is a way to document code, or are you thinking about @comments in todos/pages contents, that is a way to discuss with the team ? It’s the same word but 2 totally different meanings and workflows


Great clarifying question. We are more focused on comments in the doc that appear on the right hand side of the doc or below row detail, not //comments in formulas.

However, if //comments in formulas are important to you we’d still love to hear that feedback too! Thanks @Blaise_d_Estais !

Feedback submitted! Thanks for the prompt.

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Done! hope my feedback is helpful!

My feedback:

  1. Improve notification review management. There is an old thread I made about this here.
  2. Code comments.
  3. Finally just my opinion but I think the general commenting support in docs/rows otherwise is pretty good and there many other UI/systems that could use more love first.



Sent! Thank you for asking about this

General feedback:
figure out if commenting is for conversations about doc schema or doc content. Are users expected to use comments to move data through a process? If so, why is there an option to Resolve? That seems a bit more relevant for text editing than process conversation.

Offer formulaic control of comments (both for creating and reading).

Notification management


sent. mainly we just need comments on rows to be more visible and prominent. and I forgot to add: let me show comments in a table view! rows with unresolved comments should have a yellow flag, and resolved can be green. as it is they are always yellow even when resolved.

edit: im blind. I never even noticed the markers on the right side that show a comment history and resolution status. whoops. so ya i guess its pretty functional !

Just submitted. Thank you!

thanks for this i liked ">

One more thing:
When should I @ mention someone and when should I comment with an @ mention? Would be ideal if those two interactions were somehow unified

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Do you mean @mention on the canvas/table row? I think that’s very different from comments. For one, some users may not even have edit access but they do have comment access. And for another, comments are out of the way of the content of docs so it’s an easy way of having a conversation about the content/schema rather than content itself.

Which relates to your other post in this thread:

My opinion is that comments should remain “meta” — ie, comments about the schema of a table, workflows that need to happen, questions, or info that is present/missing when it shouldn’t be. If there is some real “data” (even conversation-like data) it should go in tables. I built a complementary “comment” system for our CRM called “interactions” that behaves like comments in that notes are automatically timestamped and user-stamped, but they are also searchable ( accessible via formula, unlike comments).

Admittedly, if comments were searchable and/or accessible via formula, I probably would have just gone that route.


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