How can I get the row comments in coda document

Hello everyone👍.
I am developing web app to sync with coda document.
But I can’t get comments via API.
How can I get the comments in coda document.
Please help me.
Thanks a lot.

Hello @Kaori_Fujio ,

First time I see you posting a reply in this community. Are you a Coda specialist or consultant or…?

I am asking because I am not used to seeing this kind of reply in this community.

Greetings, Joost

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delete your post now!

Hirakawa Tsuneteru is expert.

Hi @Hirakawa_Tsuneteru - Unfortunately the Coda API currently doesn’t provide the ability to retrieve the comments in a document. I’ll forward your request on to the engineering team for consideration. Can you provide any information about the use case you have for reading comments?

Thank you for your reply @Eric_Koleda .
I am going to develop the webapp sync with coda document.