Using a Button to Transition/Create rows, adding comments & referencing those rows

Hey Guys,

I wanted to ask for some advice here:

I am trying to set up some buttons to use automations to create rows. What I’d like to do is also create activity in the Comment/Activity stream around this, so I can trace this.

This is connected with keeping a link between rows after one is created with a button in another:

So what I’d like to do is write into the Comments stream of the newly-created row some standard annotation that “Created by ‘clicked button’ from [Originating Row]” and have a link back to the originating Row.

In addition, I’d like the Originating Row to pick up an annotation in its comment stream that the new, related row was created by way of the Button.

It strikes me that I’d need to use the API to get this info on the comment stream, so I am wondering if somebody can advise if this is possible with the API.

Many thanks guys!

You might find info regarding this request in my topic:

Hey @Johg_Ananda, yes in fact we communicated together in there. @Paul_Danyliuk solutions, as much as I am awed by them, are usually too advanced for me.

I guess the basic question here is can you annotate into the comments when a button fires via the API? I am a novice in this stuff, but I know some API’s can do just about anything, and Middleware like, Workato and some others that I’ve looked at have made the claim that they can do this sort of thing.


Is similar to

Yeah I dont know how to use the api to affect comments. That seems to be a question for the @codans.

@Johg_Ananda, hey always good to get your 2 cents! I was hoping they would chime in here possibly, quite a few of my posts asking for advice in fact probably need some of that input - short of hearing from a Codan, I’ll probably just post this to support and try to get the response back up here for the general community.

As far as your question, I am familiar with a host of these solutions, “middleware” as my devs call them. I noticed you mention a lot of use of Zapier, but I’ve been looking many others that strike me as more robust, albeit both less user friendly, and more expensive. The list of what I’ve looked at in particular:

Here’s a good article listing about everything out there:

I’ve been meaning to look more at integromat as supposedly it already has a good Coda integration, and can do more 2-way stuff than Zapier. That’s a big theme of my need in Coda, as two-way integrations are key to try to bring Coda more towards the “True North” for a team, IMHO.

In fact there’s a thread already here about Integromat as an integration:


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