Reciprocal links auto-generated with @mentions

Hi, not sure this is already out there, but I am really missing the automatic reciprocal links to entities in Coda when I use an @mention to reference a section or row in Coda. This was a functionality that was extremely useful in my use of Confluence/Jira, which I am moving off of in favor of Coda.

One use of this would be in meetings. I frequently want to reference an item anywhere across Coda, not just from one table, so @mentioning is a superior way to reference vs. lookup tables, which limit to just one table. I plan to build out Coda for my growing software development team for things like CRM, HR management, content calendar, and of course engineering. So in a meeting we may reference anything from those topic areas, which are in various sections and tables in my Coda set-up.

I would even take this a step further and lobby for a row to be pulled into a table that is being viewed, perhaps a “virtual” table that would just be a group of collected rows via @mentions, but that could be edited in one area, in my case in this meeting note.

If additionally the comments box could be accessed via these rows, then it would be very easy for a team to quickly discuss key items from across Coda, and write into the comments their decisions as they happen. I think note-taking in meeting, in a way that doesn’t kill meeting flow, is a big pain point for a lot of teams.

Thanks for considering guys and keep up the great work, you are exceptional and count me in among the first paying customers, you deserve it!!