Convert text in Canvas into Row item in any table in a doc


I assume many Coda users are familiar with Confluence/Jira. One of the best functions of those two together is the ability to highlight text in a Confluence Doc, and create a Jira issue out of it. When you do this, Confluence is able to access the entire db of Jira, so it will offer any Project, and any issue type in that project.

It’s a hugely useful way to track relevant items across various entities. I think coda is well set-up to deliver similar benefit with a simple ability to highlight text on the canvas and create a row in a table from it. How I’d suggest this is implement is a simple function that would occur when text is highlighted. This could be added via mouse right-click into the current “add comment” feature that, as far as I know, is the only function offered when text is highlighted on the canvas. Coda would then pop-up a dialog box asking which table to add the new row to, possibly adding the text in as the Display Column. A hyperlink would remain to the row after the connection is made. This feature would only be 1/2 useful without the functionality also being available in the rich text column type, which with Coda’s flexibility, is where I do more documentation actually than in the canvas in Sections or Folders.

I am also a proponent of dynamic links between sections and rows in tables auto generating, which I mentioned here:

If you guys could make this happen, along with the reciprocal links, then it would follow that upon creation of this link to a row by highlight text in the canvas, the row would also automatically pick up the link back to the canvas (perhaps in a newly auto-created column that would house these auto links?)

Thanks guys for the consideration and really hoping you can add this very useful, and I would think not difficult technically, feature to Coda!


This and the reciprocal links are definitely game changers. To me the power of Coda is that I can easily manage referential data in a user friendly manner.

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More controls like this with custom right click functions would be killers.

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Hey @tomavatars, great to hear from you, glad to get a heavyweight here in the community behind these suggestions!


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…and interestingly this app that the community is hosted on, discourse, does the reciprocal linking! If you click the link in my post above, there’s an embedded link right back here!