Link text to table rows

Hi everyone,

I’m building Customer Research and Insights Collecting Tool, however, I found out a big gap to achieve my dream, a feature that allow us to link highlighted text to table rows. For example:

Product Board

This is also available in, as well

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Hello @Anthony_Thong_Do ,
Actually, you can do that just fine. Richtclick on a row, click on ‘copy link to row’ and you have your link. You can paste it on the canvas, put it in another table, or whatever pleases you. Want to attach it to some text? Highlight the text, rightclick on the hyperlink symbol and paste the URL in the link box.
Greetings, Joost

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I think what I want to achieve here is bi-directional link, when you open the rows, it shows that what conversations are linked to that rows

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