Link to a personal view of a row's content in confirmation email

Hi everyone, I’d really appreciate your thoughts on a topic I’ve been struggling with for a while. So… Drumroll.

The setup:

  • I have a table
  • The table has a form associated with it
  • With the form, we collect requests from other teams
  • There’s an automation in place that uses the Gmail pack to send a confirmation email using the Format([Confirmation email].Body, thisRow.[Step 1 Result].[Requester's name], thisRow.[Step 1 Result].[Account Name]) formula where the Confirmation email is a template with the necessary details

The challenge:

  • I’d also like to send the requester a link to the page/row associated with Step 1 Result so they can have a good overview of the details of their request with just one click in the email
  • Essentially, I’d need a formula that mimics the Copy link to this row command and attach it to a row in the email that says For the details of your request, please click [here].

Any tips would be highly appreciated! :raised_hands:

The answer is thisRow.ObjectLink() and use concatenate with "&view=modal" to open it as a separate window.

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