Send email with Gmail pack, tips and tricks


I have some questions regarding the Gmail pack! I think these are basics.

  1. I would like to send content from rows of a table, but only those what I select with a checkbox. So first column I select the rows I want to send by e-mail. Can you tell me what would be the formula for this?

  2. How can I add extra lines (enter) to the text part of the email sent by Gmail pack? I want to format a little bit the email which is sent out in order to see the content better.

  3. When I refer to the “thisrow” with ObjectLink formula somehow it only brings the Doc and Page not the row. Any suggestion how to refer exactly to one row?


Hey there! This doesn’t answer all your questions, but should provide some immediate AHAs for you

I can provide some more guidance soon!



Indeed this is a good way to format the text. At least put some enters. :slight_smile:

Since I need to extract quite a lot of information from the rows it might be easier for us if I can just send the selected row links by e-mail. But I cannot find the way how to command the Gmail pack to send the link for the selected rows…

Is there an easy way to do so?


Instead of doing thisRow.ObjectLink() what of you just did thisRow?

I think that should work

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