Using a Button to Email and Set Date Field

I am attempting to achieve the below goals in a doc:

  1. Send an email using a template that references “thisrow” data.
  2. Timestamp another column in “thisrow” when the button is pressed.

I was able to successfully use the Gmail pack to create the email and test it successfully, but I am running into the below issues:

  1. Could only write the email template in a ‘canvas’ field which means I need to copy/paste the contents every time I create a new row even though the template does not change.
  2. Cannot take another action with the Gmail pack button so I can’t timestamp another cell.

Would love any help possible pointing me in the right direction for this!

:wave: Hey there!

I’ve dealt with email more than almost anything in Coda and have landed on the method in the below doc to be the best way to handle individual emails that reference materials from rows!

Please let me know if you have any more questions!


You’re a life saver, Scott! Thanks!


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