Gmail pack - show date that you clicked the button?

I installed the gmail pack and it is working great. However - is there a way to add a column that will show the date that you clicked the “send email” button?

So I have a table with a list of customers and each customer has a button to email them. Beside, I would like a “date contacted” column that shows the date (or dates, even better), that I clicked the button to email them.



Hi Hope,

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The best way to do this would be to set up three buttons:

  1. One for the gmail action
  2. One to set a value in a ‘date contacted column’ with today’s date (formula is today())
  3. One button to click the other two buttons

You can only have a button do one action, but you can have it click multiple buttons. So, for cases where you want a button to trigger more than 1 action, you’ll set it up by having that button click the buttons for each of those actions.

Make sense?

Thanks Ben! You greatly overestimate my abilities but I will give it a shot. : ) I will check in on your granola supply tomorrow!! : )

@anon10352527 Here’s a quick sample doc that does this:

you are a star. thank you!!

Hi @BenDavis, I was wondering if you could help me with a related request I have here:

I’d like to write into a row’s comments, via a button-type action which I’m wondering if it would need to be triggered in the API, when stuff happens like copying rows to other rows. Another use of this would be exactly what @anon10352527 is talking about where I’d like to write into a comment stream when I sent a row to Gmail, for example after a meeting when the notes are ready and get sent to the participants with a button. In this case, at times it gets forgotten, so the reference in comments would show us if it was done or not!

There’s an over-a-year-old post here about your API accessing comments, and since that’s old for Coda standards, could you let me know if you can access comments yet, and if not, do you guys plan this with the API? I would like to add a huge “+1” if you are still collecting requests.

Access to comments Via the API


Oh and PS I’m based in the Washington, DC area and a big consumer of your granola!

Hi @ABp,

No access to comments yet, unfortunately. We’d love to build out the API more and will keep you posted as this changes. Sorry I don’t have more info.


For the advanced users, this can be accomplished in one button with the formula set to:

RunActions(SendEmail(),ModifyRows(thisrow,[Date Clicked],today())

Where SendEmail() is the full formula with your account details, subject, body, etc as req by Coda.

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Thanks @BenDavis, appreciate you providing the info so I don’t have to guess!