Column Buttons/Dynamically Created Buttons


I feel like what I’m trying to do is achievable, but I can’t find the solution. I’m trying to create a table that will track the dates individuals submit certain documents to us. I need each column to have a button that will send an email to person missing that column like this:

I know I can manually make these buttons, or use SwitchIf(), but there’s something like 30 columns, so I’m looking for a more dynamic way to create those buttons, and make it easy for editors to create new ones if they need.

I’m hoping there’s a way to achieve something like this:

I feel like this would be a common thing people need to do, so any suggestions would be appreciated!


Hey Samuel, thanks for reaching out! It is possible to create a button like this, though it depends on how you want your email organized. We have templates in the gallery that can serve as a starting point.

  1. Start Here · Email Campaign
  2. HTML Email Builder
  3. About reminders · Set reminders

For the button formula, you can set up a Filter() formula with a SendEmail() Gmail pack formula for each Item column. E.g. I’m thinking the Item 1 button formula could look something like this:

[Tracking Table].Filter([Item 1].IsBlank()).FormulaMap(
  Gmail::SendEmail( to: CurrentValue.Email, content: [Your content here], etc.)

Hope this helps!

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