Dynamic number of buttons in a single field

Hello community,

I have several button columns in a table and I want to concatenate only some of them in a single field dynamically depending on some conditions using the button() formula. I have not been able to make it work yet.

My use-case is a bit more complex but you can boil down what doesn’t work to this. Could somebody explain how to make this work?

  button(lst.First(),"Button text")


For extra context, this is the actual formula that I’m trying to build, with group1 to 5 being buttons.

Hi @Pablo_Duart,

I have been running some tests and found that even in it’s simplest form you cannot reference a button column in a list and then use that to make another button.

For example this does not work:

And this just returns the action and not the button:

However if you put the custom buttons in the list directly then you can reference them.

It is worth noting that you cannot mix the two and do:

I think that referencing a button column in a list does not store it at a button or anything that you can make into a button, but by directly saying in the list “this is a button” it stores it as such. This allows you to call it back to display but not to use it as a button to make a button. If you tried it would essentially be the same as doing this:
Which also doesn’t work.

As for the dynamic part, I wasn’t sure exactly what you were aiming for but I did set up this test document with some of my testing. Take a look at the Dynamic Buttons Test column to see how I am working with Sequence to cycle through a LIST of custom buttons.

If you would like further help I think you will need to share a test document with some added detail on what you are trying to acheive.

All the best


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