Can you make a table button use different formulas?

Does anyone know how (if it’s possible) could I make it so each button uses buttonFormula's text as the button’s formula?

nevermind, I solved it!

How did you solve it? Create other buttons/actions and then have a switch that pulled those buttons?

No, in fact It’s quite simple.
I figured it out after seeing someone use Switchif() on a group column, which resulted in a dynamic agrupation of columns depending of which option you selected.

You set the fomula of the button as a Switchif() that, depending on another columns value, returns one formula or another

The first button’s value for the column buttonReference is ‘RCli’, so It’ll only trigger that formula

I hope I helped you! If you need more clarification on how to do this I can share a doc :wink:


I don’t understand how that’s different than what I wrote?

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You dont pull other buttons with the main one, you only have one button with all the formulas inside.

Maybe I misunderstood you, If that’s the case, sorry! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: