Different Buttons in different rows in a table

Hi All,
I’m building a checklist table to support a moderator setting up and running a workshop. Each task requires some housekeeping automation to happen in the background, which I can implement through a button.
However, I need different buttons for each task/ row (e.g. Clear Data, Add Data, Set a Timestamp, Add an Entry, eMail Participants etc) . Is there a (n easy) way to either

  1. place different buttons in each row of a table or
  2. assign an action dynamically to a generic button, by referencing a button name, a formula or similar from another column?


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Hi ! Is that something like that you need when you say “place different buttons in each row of a table” ?

If Yes, you should create different column for each button you want, then use the Concatenate() and the Button() function to put it in the same cell.
Is that clear ?



You can also make buttons directly dynamic by using formulas

But in my docs I everywhere go with the direction of @Quentin_Morel to also have different colors and icons and place multiple buttons in column. You can still use “if” to show/not show buttons or simply use the disbaledIf field in the button to gray it out.


Hi Folks
Thanks to @Quentin_Morel and @Daniel_Stieber for the useful input. You both helped me realise that I wasn’t defining my problem correctly :frowning: What I’m trying to achieve can be mocked up like this:

The requirement for different buttons in each row is the crux.

However, RFTM - “read the friendly manual”, or in this case the error message - provided the solution, with the pointer to using a Canvas column:

Obviously I can place whatever I want onto the canvas - not only the button, but tips on usage etc. I can even include interactive controls, allowing the moderator to manage table filtering etc. from afar:

The layout is not very intuitive when displayed as a table, but the detail view is quiet acceptable and usable, even for a coda newbie:

Thanks again for the sparring - it certainly helped me clarify my thinking.

Regards, Colm

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Hi @colm.toolan

It looks like a question I asked in twitter :

In my case that was to create some navigation bar with button across doc
The answer was no :frowning:

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“No” is still and answer - even a good one, if the turnaround is short enough! :wink:

Edit: Not exactly. Misread the tweet. But the multipbutton thing should still work

@colm.toolan canvas column is a great way to that, and you can even show the buttons in the table view if you activate “Display preview”. For a multistep process like a workshop, this is most likely the best solution.

But just for the records, it is also possible with the buttons formula, which is helpful if you have 1000s of rows and want to show a button based on a condition - and not manually create a button via canvas column. E.g. I use this in a shared task list, where I the person who is doing the task clicks on “done” and the supervisor clicks on “sign-off”, both in the same column.
2022-08-10 16.23.57

Here is an example of how to do this:

@Quentin_Morel yeah, you can not enter a formula as a text in a table and use it as a formula or action somehwere else. You can only do it the way you are aware of: create a column for each button instead of creating a row. In the end its almost the same effort and you can hide the many columns afterwards.


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