Is it possible to have two buttons in a table column?

Is there a way to put two buttons in a column? And if that is possible, is it possible to dynamically display one or the other based on other fields in the row by using the disable if option?

Here’s what I am trying to do: I’ve been experimenting with a Blog and Social Media Template available in the gallery.

I have been able to connect the doc to Zapier and Buffer and done a few successful tests.

The current implementation breaks if an image isn’t available for social media sharing as Zapier is looking for an image. If I can dynamically change the buttons in my table to factor in whether or not an image is available, it would make the workflow more robust.

Open to other implementation approaches too.

Thank you.

Short answer: yes, but risky
Calling @Paul_Danyliuk for more details :slight_smile:

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Hi @Colleen_Brady, welcome to the community!

Yeah it’s possible but I really discourage it, especially in your situation where you already have Zapier etc set up. It’s very easy to botch the doc so that you’ll have to make a copy of it from history and go over all of your zaps and set them up on a new doc then.

But for the sake of the answer, it’s in this post in a video:

I just advise to set up buttons normally, in separate columns. You can still make dynamic labels (with a formula), define dynamic actions with If/SwitchIf, disable the button etc. E.g. you could just disable the buttons you must not press when the image is not there. Or you could write your action formula like

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Thank you @Paul_Danyliuk for the solution. After reviewing the options, ging to move forward with the columns approach as that more reliable long term.

Thanks again!