A trick to actually show a button in a card

There’s a problem with Card view that it doesn’t show buttons properly but displays a word “model” instead:

I found a trick to show the button actually. One thing: it needs to be created with a hidden Button() formula, which is one of the unsafe ones: specifying button color or icon should be done with great care, otherwise the doc will crash beyond recovery and you’ll have to make a copy from doc history.


The trick in a nutshell:

  1. Create a button with a Button() formula
  2. Wrap it with Concatenate()
  3. Voila, that one will display in a card, a bit cut-off on the bottom but working.
  4. Add another button or two in the row if you wish.

And here’s the video:


Paul, this is amazing. While this is amazing, I really hope Coda will fix it so no hack is needed :slight_smile: I don’t quite get how it can be a big task on their end, but maybe it is.


@BenLee explained it here. Apparently it’s trickier than it seems, since they want this to work properly on mobiles as well

I myself as a software developer can confirm that many things do in fact look easier than they are to build.


This trick is now obsolete