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Hi, I have been using Card view more, and I wanted to mention some improvements I think would be very useful. Judging by the way the Coda team is really tuned into UI issues, I’m hoping some of this may already be in the works, as the current card view, while with some strong attributes, definitely has some “MVP”'ness about it:

  • Options for customizing what’s on the card. This is a typical feature of a lot of tools with card view. It would probably be around the columns available in a row, and which would be visible.

  • Options for size of cards. There is a lot of potential here - you could even have “mini” rows which I’ve seen in views like this:

  • Swimlanes. If you allowed an additional axis, you could achieve Swimlanes in the card view. This would also be a step towards User Story Mapping which I posted about here: User Story Mapping

  • Section that would be dedicated for a true board view. It would be nice if you could remove the “controls” around the board and have a view that would be strictly the board, say in a section. This would also get some very similar functionality to a lot of top tier Kanban apps, which Coda can easily rival with functionality.

Thanks guys for considering!


Hi, sorry if it’s poor form to respond to myself, but I realized as I move along in Coda that you can add multiple levels of grouping, across the top and left, in the table view. However, I don’t seem to see this capability in the card view, where it could be really useful.

Also I posted about User Story Mapping here:

This extra level of grouping could allow “true” Story Mapping where you have across the top of the map not just columns for User Functionality, but “two” levels of columns - the so-called “backbone” as well as the grouping of columns around user functionality. I can get this set up no problem in table view thanks to these multiple groupings. But I remain curious if this is something that could be easily added to Coda in the card view, allowing for true User Store Maps at this higher level.

Thanks guys!

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I’m also waiting for a better card view.
Swimlanes would be great.

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