User Story Mapping


I have been trying to see if I could set up a User Story Map, ideally with a few layers, in Coda. I was looking at an interesting tool called that lets you keep “cards,” so rows for us here in Coda, in various views across that app. You can have a backlog, and also create multiple “collections” where the card will live, but have reference to all the other places it lives, too. It strikes me that I could do the same with Coda, making good use of the views.

Here is the Favro set up: I’m not sure anybody out there will be up for putting in the effort to read through this, but the gist is that they are suggesting setting up two boards to show the breakdown of what is basically one whole “list,” or say Epic’s, worth of user stories. The first board is “v.1” with just the name of the group of the stories, the 2nd is “v.2,” so another board, with the stories themselves, but no further reference to the “parent” epic in v.1, so that’s a little harder when viewing say in a meeting, as you lose context.

What is nice is the reference in each card via link to the other location of the card, I’d love to set that up in Coda, too.

The other thing I wanted to accomplish was a few “layers” for the Story Board. Here in this image you can see that there are “sub columns” below the main column headers, so like sub-status in a typical Kanban board. I would also like to set that up with Coda.

Would be glad to get any ideas on this, I am not an expert maker so this has been challenging for me! It occurs to me that a doc where you could both move tasks (in rows) to a regular development flow, but also have a 2nd view of a Storyboard, that would be more static, would be very useful. User Story Boards are well regarded by many, and I didn’t really see any template yet making use of them.