Ability to group Card / Board View by multiple fields to create vertical and horizontal swimlanes

Hey Coda Fam,

A challenge I run into often is how to better organize different “levels” of hierarchal work. Let’s take an example.

I’ve built an goals / experiment framework within Coda wherein the current hierarchal structure is as follows:

– Key Results
— Initiatives / Experiments
---- Tasks

Day to day, we focus mostly on the Initiatives level and mainly use a “Board/Card” view to do this. But let’s say an initiative requires work / tasks from one or more people on the team. In this case, we would create tasks that optionally relate to a given initiative (complete with their own statuses).

Now we have a one to many relationship of tasks <> initiatives. If I were to create a “Task” board here, it would be overwhelming. I could filter to only my tasks, but it’s difficult to see which tasks relate to which goals (you can display on the card, but not super helpful).

What would be great is if we could group by status AND initiative. Think how a JIRA kanban board looks when you group by status and epic or something similar. This would allow us to group tasks by another field like initiatives and view workflows within the context of its parent and allow our teams to be more effective.

Currently solving this problem by various filters / interactive controls, but team doesn’t love it.

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