Scaled Agile Framework(SAFe®)



Wanted to know if anyone has yet tried developing a Scaled Agile Framework tables/boards using Coda.

I have been trying to build something that would allow to visualize, track and be used for a program consisting of multiple related projects that are cross-departments, associated cross-department dependencies and various deliverables for each of the 5-6 milestones.

I think my model with multiple tables, views, and too many linked & redundant columns is too unwieldy.

Time for a reset to take advantage of all new features, layouts. Before starting again wanted to know if anybody else had tried and what was their experience.


Dear @Ratish_Gupta,

I have been investigating in this subject too.

There are a few reasons I didn’t go on:

  • It’s not possible to add swimlanes to the Kanban board

  • For the time being, the lay-out possibilities are limited to create a proper functioning dashboard.

Otherwise Coda is a great tool and I recommend to keep involved :pushpin: as the use case potential will become bigger every day.

Enjoy Coda,


Hi @Ratish_Gupta,

Without more details, it’s really hard to say. This idea of “cross-departments” and “associated cross-department dependencies” is actually not a problem, because of how easy it is to link things using additional columns. In fact, Coda is well-suited to this. The issue would only come down to your visualization desires. Coda’s Kanban view needs a lot of work. So much so that I use tables with groups instead, because I can see more and do more.

So my suggestion would be to start building the site you think you want, testing out visuals and such. Coda can do pretty much anything, and the application is still growing. The visual display of information in Kanban will hopefully grow and improve as well. And who knows, maybe your use case is already covered!

PS - The community here is great and can help you through interesting formulas, use cases, etc.



Yes, one of the big challenges has been Coda’s limited capabilities in Card mode.
The new Layouts feature has been of help (tables with groups) but I had limited ability to customize the layouts.



Playing around with Views and filters you can do a lot. Like I said, experiment and see what you can do. Get stuck? Post in the community to see if someone can come up with a creative solution to your problem.