Launched: Faster kanban boards and table title editing

We know we’ve shared a lot of new updates this week, and I’m excited to share a few more before we head into the weekend. After all, there’s always room for more at the Coda table.

Starting today, you’ll notice three helpful changes to tables:

  1. When you view your table options, the table title is bigger and more noticeableーthis should be especially helpful for tables where you’ve hidden the title on the page
  2. You can now hide, show, and edit table titles directly in the table options right-hand panel
  3. Tables can now be more quickly displayed as a kanban board; simply choose “Board” as your display option, or type /board anywhere on your page to insert a new board

A good table does wonders and we can’t wait to see how you set yours!


I set my table for Xmas that came early.

Kidding. You rock!


Editing the table name from the options menu is amazing! Thank you!

Something that would greatly help is a way to access the options menu without having to scroll all the way to the top of a long table.

An “Options” button that constantly sits at the top of the table might work, or just a shortcut for us power users!

Thanks again for your great work :slight_smile:


Great idea. I’ll mention to our design team that ask.


How do you do those colored labels :open_mouth:

You color them with conditional formatting in the table that you look up. So in the example above you color them in the tables “priority” and “status”.


This is great! I would love to add two requests:

  • On mobile, on kanban view, the scrolling experience is very stuttering. Would be good if we have a free scroll through all the groups.
  • On mobile, there is no way to simply drag and drop a card on kanban view. This would be helpful.

Great, I’ll start using it today!

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+1 for the options being accessible very quickly.

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Appreciate the updates.
There’s a slight annoyance with the boards feature… I have a board that is grouped to the left, when I switch to boards, it moves it to the top (good), but if i switch the table back to table view, it will retain the top position grouping.

would much prefer it to revert back to normal

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@Guilherme_Salles @nate_hurst Thanks for the feedback! I’ll forward it to our product team.

I’ve thought this a thousand times. Please please please, my tables are long and scrolling all the way to the top is maddening. (…she said, with love…)

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