Launched: 8 improvements to some of your favorite features

We know that sometimes the little things can have a big impact on how you use Coda. Here are 8 of the latest updates we’ve shipped to fine tune your experience. Let us know what you think!

:rocket: Here’s what we launched:

Cleaner, smoother visualizations for lists that allow multiple selections.

We made an improvement to the amount of data shown in select list, lookup, and people columns with the allow multiple selections option turned on. We heard your feedback that you wanted more control over whether to show long lists of data or truncate them. You have an option to show more or show less option in cells and item layouts to control how the information is displayed. As an additional perk, this helps your big docs with multi-select lists run more smoothly.

People column updates.gif

Toggles are so hot right now.

We heard you like the option to replace a checkbox with a toggle, so we made the choice more prominent in pages. Now, you can directly drag a toggle control from the page control panel, rather than having to create a checkbox and then change the option to a toggle.


Hang out in the row modal a little longer.

When you’re working in a row modal, the last thing you want to do is jump out of it to make changes to your table. We’ve added another table control to the row modal and detail view so you can duplicate a row without leaving the modal.

Duplicate a row.gif

Put yourself first.

Before, you had to search for yourself in a people select column. Now, we show your name and avatar at the top so you can easily add yourself into your task trackers.

People column.gif

Don’t lose your group.

If you’ve ever forgotten what you were scrolling through because a group was too large, we’ve pinned the name at the top of the table just for you.

Pinned groups.gif

Table comments anchored to table views.

If you @ mention a teammate in a table view, the comment takes your teammate to the page where the comment was authored, instead of the original base table.

Table view comments.gif

Problematic formulas won’t slow down your docs.

When a column formula is written that takes longer than 5 minutes to calculate, we will show you a warning message and prompt you to reload the doc to identify the problematic formula.

Runaway calculations.gif

Table scrolling that caters to your data.

Project growth is directly correlated to table growth. We’ve elevated table scrolling to make finding your data that much easier. As you scroll, you’ll notice tables show more row data by default instead of placeholders. And for our lightning-speed scrollers, you’ll see placeholders as you scroll quickly through a table, instead of white space or gaps.

Table scrolling.gif

As we continue to release more product updates, you may notice small Easter eggs in your every day workflows. Enjoy!


these improvements are very welcome @Paul_Wilkins


Very nice. Thanks Codans!


Thank you so very much :raised_hands: :grin: !


OMG @Paul_Wilkins Easter eggs are out and about!?


The pinned group title at the top of groups with long lists will really help me! The other updates are awesome too. Thank you Coda!


Did you secretly notice that I was struggling with Coda problems the past few days that these exact changes address? If so, THANK YOU. If, more realistically, I just got lucky, then THANK YOU. Either way, great work on attention to detail.

Now, if you’ll just make it so that cross-doc consistently and properly links records in columns without me having to manually set up lookups… I guess I can’t get too greedy :slight_smile:


Guys, I still see a blank list (that was my biggest complaint about Coda since day 1) when scrolling, no placeholders. What am I doing wrong?

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And scrolling for me got even worst because now it freezes until it loads the rest of the data.

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I identified an issue that was causing the placeholders to not display for some users. The fix has just rolled out: if you reload the doc the placeholders should now be visible. Thanks for the report!


Still, not good Paul. Although the placeholders are showing up (sometimes) now, on Microsoft Edge it freezes and I need to wait the content to load until I can scroll for the next section. On FireFox, although it doesn’t freezes as much, I need to wait double the time (wait for the placeholders and then wait for the content). It was terrible before this update, it is waaaaay worst now. Sorry, but you definetly need to fix that.

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I also noticed that the select drop-down in filter controls are a LOT better now.
Thanks all.


Nice! Thank you :slight_smile:

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May I know why the select list column (column 2) does not have the “show less” or “show more”… or Am i missing something?

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Same here for some reason

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Hello! The cutoff for show more/show less is at 20 items. If you’re looking to save vertical space, you can also turn off text wrapping on that column.


Very happy with comments taking users to where the comment was authored, a massive ux improvement.

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Agreed - love this feature!

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