Launched: 6 improvements that up-level your everyday solutions

Roll call! We have another list of exciting improvements that are making your most common workflows even smoother.

:bulb: Here’s what we launched:

Customize your page and table notifications.

If you want more granular control over your comment subscriptions, go to your ‘Notifications’ menu and unsubscribe from all comments. From there, you can click on ‘This page’ to subscribe or unsubscribe from comments on your canvas content, such as Coda building blocks, or tables.

Comments page.gif

You can also turn your table comments subscription on and off from the table options menu to cut down on noise or turn up the volume in your tables.

It’s 17:00 somewhere.

We now respect a 24 hour time format in calendar views, so you won’t see your calendars switch to a 12hr time format if you selected the 24hr time format in the calendar options.

Calendar view.gif

Dropdown menus are more visually helpful.

We added checkmarks to the side of list items in a dropdown menu, so its easier to see which items are selected. Also, if you are choosing items from a lookup, we show the lookup chip colors in the dropdown menu so what you select matches its formatting in the original source.


Better use of multi-select lists in pages.

We Marie Kondo-ed multi-select lists in pages, so they look clean and run smoothly when many items are selected.

Page multiselect.gif

No need to commit with select lists items.

We made it easier to unselect items in single and multi-select lists. Need to unselect an item in a single-select list? Just choose ‘Blank’.

Blank optoin.gif

Want to unselect a group of items? Click ‘Clear’ at the bottom of the list.

Multiselect clrear.gif

More menu options for cards.

We made the menu options for Card views and table views more consistent. Now, you can ‘Collapse all groups’ and ‘Expand all groups’ of cards from the menu options, just like you would in a table.

Collapse groups.gif

Check out these docs to see how these improvements make everything from a project tracker to a team hub even better.


Hello @Ethan_Astrachan ,

Thank you for this great improvement :slight_smile:

Best regards,

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Multi select is much better now :confetti_ball:

Can we have a colapse all option to pages and sub-pages in the doc?

This is just a part of my pages and colapse them all manually to refocus in work is a painful task.


Amazing improvements!

One request I would make is just to ensure that the Select All and Clear options always show up. Seems like with sufficiently long lists of options they can disappear


Collapse all - I absolutely second that suggestion!