Wishlist for some basic functional/UI improvements (with examples)

Been playing around with Coda and lurking around the forums for tips and advice. Not sure if I’m not finding some of these, but I’ve run into a couple of areas I’d like to see functional improvements.

Let me know if I should break these out into separate requests…

These will mostly be based on this example Board Games Collection doc I’ve been building:

Need some sort of Null/Do Nothing functionality.
I’ve run into a couple of instances (especially using If statements) where I would like the result to be nothing (e.g., do default action or do/show nothing). A good example of this is in the List of Board Games section where I’m trying to get the filter to only show the filtered results if the checkbox is selected. If the checkbox is true, show filtered table. Else do nothing with the filter. This filtering is currently broken and I’m still trying to figure out workarounds.

Would like to be able to do more actions with the buttons.

  • In Detailed view, would like to have buttons that let me navigate to the previous/next rows (I want to still keep the tabs on the left).
  • I would like make a button that will let me apply a desired filter (my filter example with a button instead of a checkbox would be ideal).
  • I would like to be able to change the view on the same page (e.g., replace a table with another table or replace a table with a detailed view) using one of the controls, such as buttons.

Please improve Select and Multiple Select controls for more user-friendliness.
As I mentioned in another thread (Please add a dynamic search button or box for tables) I’d really like to see the UI for the dropdowns to improve. It’s currently cumbersome to use. I’m a fan of the UI from here for reference: https://harvesthq.github.io/chosen/

Would like to be able to specify the dimensions of the card view, especially if there are no groupings.
So I’d like to specify if I might the cards to spread out over 3 columns for example. This is helpful as I will be trying to design a makeshift year-level calendar view since that currently doesn’t exist. Speaking of which…

Allow for more different views of the calendar.

  • Allow week view to just show buckets of items (maybe with cards) instead of the current time-based agenda format. My team and I do not need to use time associated with our dates very much. It’s much more helpful if there’s an option to change the week view so it shows cards/items (similar to month view) rather than time. This one is pretty important.
  • Likewise, have a year view with monthly buckets.

Please don’t show images or links as subheading previews in the Detailed views.
See the List of Board Games section. The subheadings for each of those tabs show the link of where the image came from (which looks ugly). Please make it so image or URL fields don’t get shown.

I have more on my wishlist, but I’ll just leave it with these main ones that I think are somewhat basic use cases. :innocent:

Hi @Michelle_Huynh, does this help with your first issue?

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That works! Thank you!!

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