To-Do List Doc-building challenge - How are your docs coming along?

Hi Coda makers! Last week, we announced our first Community doc-building challenge.

This week, we want to know how it’s going. Is there anything you need from Coda that would be of help? Let us know in the comments!

Looking forward to seeing your great submissions — as a reminder, the entry window ends on June 14th.


To busy building to comment here now… :wink:


Haha, good to hear Piet!

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Yes, how can I create a series of buttons that filter a table? ie. Urgent, Upcoming, New?

Hi @Bradley_Skaggs, my recommendation would be to create an interactive filter on the column containing statuses like Urgent, Upcoming, New. Then, you can create a button for each status type and use the ‘set control value’ action. Point it to your interactive filter, and now you can change that value with buttons, which in turn filters the table!

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Sigh. I wanted so much to make a series of educational videos about tackling a to-do list (I need one myself) but I’m just so overwhelmed with work lately I don’t know if I can make it before the 14th. It’s already 10 days into the challenge, 4 days left. Is there any use of recording it so late anyway?

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