New From Airtable & Need Inspiration For a Doc

Hi Coda People,

I’m looking for some inspiration via a coda doc, ideally in the galley, that captures the following functionality or spirit of design.

The Doc walks a user down a series of questions which are dependent on answers to previous questions. Once all applicable questions are cascaded through and answered, the answer values are passed into a table filter to capture only applicable records.

Some applications for a tool like this might include

  • wine recommendations
  • let me guess your insert movie character
  • Nutritional Plans
  • a regulatory report of requirements specific to a certain product
  • plausible medical diagnoses report

Any links to public coda docs which have accomplished this type of functionality would be more than obliged. I’m unsure where to begin and would like the inspiration of a finished product.

thank you CODANs!

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Hey there, Allen! Welcome to Coda, we’re so glad you’re here :orange_heart:

While I wasn’t able to find a doc that’s created exactly what you’ve described, these are two docs that have functionality similar to what you’ve described. I think you could definitely copy some of the formulas in these docs and create what you’re aiming for :smiley:

  • Disney World Planner - This doc saves and filters events marked as favorites. I’d recommend checking out the filter on the “must-do” button functionality, as well as the “Must Dos” page to see how they display the filtered results.

  • Restaurant Guide - This doc utilizes all sorts of buttons and filters for restaurant recommendations in San Francisco. This is a more robust example of what you can do with buttons and filters, so I recommend copying this for yourself and exploring how all of this has been set up.

I hope these two examples help you to get started! Happy Making :grin:

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Hi Nicole,

Thank you so much for the warm welcome and doc suggestions! this was exactly what I was looking for!

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Awesome, so glad those suggestions worked out for you! Can’t wait to see what you’ve built!

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