A Docs Doc | Alternative Organization of all docs

I really think a Docs Doc would be ideal in replacement of (or as an alternative option to) the coda.io homepage where one currently organizes and accesses docs (Very similar to the Analytics Doc that one can create on their published doc)

What I love about Coda is how infinitely customizable it is - You start with a blinking cursor and can build just about anything. Every business, every individual has different needs and with some smart building you can meet those needs.

The current home-workspace where one organizes their docs seems to be in conflict with the heart of Coda. Its a singular organizational structure that every individual or company is essentially forced into when it comes to organizing documents.

I would love to be able to apply the same filters, views, actions, etc. that are available in a Coda doc to all my docs.

Maybe there’s certain docs I open on certain days? Make a view for that which always brings them to the top for easy picking on the right day!

Maybe there are 5 documents that a marketing team always uses? Make a marketing page/view for those!

So many options. We can essentially do this right now with a table and just inputting links manually (and could probably access the API to create a docs doc automatically) - but it would be awesome to just have this as a native feature or option for everyone.


Definitely some kind of landing page or starting doc would be appreaciated.
At the moment, when people enter the workspace they see a long list of documents sorted by “last modified” or something similar.
This is not ideal.