Evolve the to-do list: a doc-building challenge (with prizes!)

Hello Coda makers! Anybody up for a challenge? Here’s a chance to win great prizes for building and publishing a new Coda doc.

In this challenge, we want to see how you evolve the classic to-do list.

Show us how you use Coda to make a to-do list more useful, more efficient, more creative, more automated, or even just easier on the eyes. Build a new doc and publish it to the Gallery during the submission window, and you’ll have a chance to win some great prizes:


  • Community choice: An iPad for the maker of the community’s favorite doc, as decided by community votes
  • Coda’s choice: An Apple Watch for the favorite ‘quick start’ doc, as decided by an esteemed panel of Coda judges
  • Special mention: A Coda gear prize pack for evaluated to have the best overall design, as judged by our Codan judging panel
  • Extra credit: Share your published doc on your social media profiles for a chance to win either an Apple Watch or a one-year subscription to Masterclass! The winner will be chosen at random.

How to participate

  1. Build and publish your doc to the Coda Gallery between June 1 @ 6:00AM Pacific and June 14 @ 11:59PM Pacific
  2. Promote your doc in your social feeds for a chance to win other prizes.
  3. Submit your entry including the published doc link here: Submission form - Evolving the to-do list
  4. Vote for your favorite doc for the Community choice award between June 15 and June 24 (we’ll share a link to a doc at that time)
  5. We’ll announce the winners here on the Community and on Twitter on June 27

And that’s it! We look forward to seeing your amazing, evolved to-do lists!


Official timeline

  • Submissions accepted: June 1 6:00AM PT
  • Submissions must be received by June 14 at 11:59PM PT
  • Judging: June 15-24
  • Winner announcements: June 27


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Step One: Make a to-do list of the tasks required to make a really powerful and evolutionary to-do list. :wink:


post was for constructive internal business use, not for non-substantive discussion

It’s very meta, in a way :sweat_smile:

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This is a wild take. Sounds like you should step outside the thesaurus and let people have a little fun.

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Wow, just wow…

Posting on my social media is spam?!

One thing I’ve always struggled with with (yes, two 'with’s!) Coda is a “universal capture” feature (vis a vis GTD) via smartphone (Android for me). I’ve tried using Zapier+Google Assistant integration, but it doesn’t feel very quick. It’s a 3-phrase sequence that takes a while. My focus-deprived brain tends to forget what I was going to say by the time I get to the end! If anyone can implement that, that would be a gamechanger (I mean, for me anyways :slight_smile: )!


Love this idea — someone build it!

I’ve learned so much in this community because everyone approaches problem solving in their own way. I think the To-Do List is a great way to start off because it’s a personal doc and can totally be your own style.

I’m excited to see what everyone comes up with!


Well, I don’t think we have any chance to ship an iPad into Ukraine at the moment, even though my wife could very well use one at her shop :slight_smile: And I don’t think it will be fair for champions to compete on par with all the new folk either.

So I’m giving up on the prize opportunity but will participate anyway, in a different manner.

I’ll make it a Build in Public series of live streams, hopefully educational for some. Sub my YouTube and follow me on Twitter to know when I’ll be streaming!

I don’t yet have an idea what kind of a To-Do List I’ll build but I can tell you I really need something unconventional for my own good.


The terms and conditions state “from time to time Coda may administer Programs that are also open to non-United States”. Is this build competition (and future ones like it) limited to the US? I live in the UK but found this to be an intriguing challenge concept. I was looking to build recurrence etc in the to-do list.

I only saw this 2 days ago and with the due date on the 14th I’ll never finish it in time but also if I am not even eligible it might not be worth me trying to make them when competitions run in the future.

Quite new to Coda but absolutely loving it looking forward to seeing what I can do with it going forwards.

Hi @Dale_Cowling — thanks for the great question! To clarify, this competition is not limited to the U.S only. We’d love to see what you come up with in the next couple days!

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Are you extending the compo?

I think I’d be a little late to extend it much beyond another day on the final day of the submission window; we already have a number of submissions (which I’ll share later this week for the Community vote). Would an extra day be helpful to people in this case?

Well, I won’t be able to record the whole series, since it’s becoming quite a big project (again lol).

Here’s the three videos so far, by the way. You can figure there’s easily going to be a dozen more :sweat_smile:

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Not sure if you did extend the submission time but I have just submitted mine. I am running on UK time and did not see it was Pacific. Sorry about that. If it does not count then no worries. It was a fun challenge regardless and gave me the kick I need to get something useful actually finished.

Update: I am tired and thought the deadline had passed. Haha. You can ignore me.

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Just took a look at the submitted docs at Evolving the to-do list

and just wanted to give a huge shout-out to everyone who participated! Love the different direction everyone took with this project and there are great gems in there! Thanks everyone for sharing your masterpieces with all of us in the community!


Wholeheartedly agree, Nina! The different directions are so interesting.

Check out our doc submission! @SaveToCoda might be what you’re looking for :wink: