Vote for your favorite to-do list evolution doc

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

We’ve enjoyed seeing your evolutions of the classic to-do list as they were submitted into our first doc-building challenge. It’s so inspiring seeing the different ways you all approached the prompt.

Now, we need your help voting for the Community’s favorite doc:

  1. Head to the doc here
  2. Leave a :heart: on your favorite doc in the list
  3. We’ll announce the winner of the vote and a brand-new iPad :tada: on June 25th

Thanks to everyone for your participation and your vote!


Not wanting to push to hard for the competition here, but Dropify might just convince me to join Twitter…



Hahahaha that’s a creative way to have fun AND also make money.
Loving what they did!

P.S. It’s rather easy to build an integration like this oneself, e.g. with Zapier or my favorite I thought of doing it as a part of my series for an easy intake step but couldn’t settle on the best messenger/platform (e.g. in Ukraine we use Telegram a lot but in the US it’s almost unknown). Never occurred to me that Twitter could be the tool.

Oh well, if I build an integration with Twitter and Make, that’d be a copycat now, right?


On a different note, here’s one of my past docs on the theme.

I’m not using it myself though. So, a yet another failed attempt at a to-do list that I hoped would actually work for me.

The worst thing about To-Do lists is that there is no fits-all one. Everyone has their own unique workflows and can’t be constrained into what a maker of a certain to-do app designed for them.

The coolest thing about Coda is that you can implement your own perfect workflow.

BTW given all this, I genuinely don’t know how to vote. What doesn’t make sense for me may be a lifesaver for someone else. So I’m personally voting on how clear the system is.


I share similar sentiments. When it comes to task management there is typically no single right answer. Many of the submissions are clever but I haven’t seen one that I would regard as an ideal fit, so presentation and conveyance of the solution is at least 50% of the vote attraction for me.


I have a favorite one. Happy to see it in the lead
(of course I already dug into the document to see the votes lol)

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@Dropify Starting off the first page of the doc by dismantling the purpose of the competition to offer an alternative. I like that, I like that a lot…I never really thought about to-do lists being distracting - but you are right