Packathon submissions need your vote!

It’s been a pleasure working with people over the last six weeks as they built out Packs for the Packathon competition. The submission period concluded yesterday, and we were blown away by how many great Packs came out of it. You can see the full list of submissions, and cast your vote for the Community Choice award, in this doc:

You can vote for as many Packs as you’d like, and you can check the “Leaderboard” tab at the top to see which Packs are currently in the lead. And if one of your Packs is in the running, feel free to send that link to your network to boost your vote count.

The official judging period has begun, and we’ll announce the winners on August 24th.


It’s really amazing to see all the Packs that were created, can’t wait to have them available to use on the Gallery!

After checking all the projects, don’t forget to give a :+1: to Stripe Printer Go Mrr! :wink:


And after checking the …Mrr!, don’t forget to show some love for my Edit Images project! :slight_smile:

My 3 minute pitch (goodbye BannerBear! :grin: )


@Eric_Koleda & team,

well done on a very successful packathon.
the submissions are most impressive indeed.

while i was voting, i became aware that i could not cast a weighted vote - which is unfortunate.

i would have loved to have been able to give my first, second, third, etc votes to show my true reaction to the excellent work.

instead, i can only vote for a pack, or not vote for a pack. and when enough people have cast their votes, the submissions are sorted by popularity, so thats good.

just a suggestion for future events?

grateful to you and the team for arranging the packathon and encouraging such creativity.



Thanks @Xyzor_Max for the feedback. There is certainly a wide range of options when it comes to voting systems, and perhaps a ranked choice would have made sense here. In the end we opted for simplicity but it’s something we’ll put more thought into for next time.


And the Community Choice winner is… Edit Images Pack by @Paul_Danyliuk! Congrats Paul, and thanks to everyone that participated and voted. You can see the full list of Packathon winners here:


well done @Paul_Danyliuk and congrats.

not just an AMAZING pack, stuffed full of fantastic functions, but all those supporting tables and documentation and auto-suggested parameters and clever parsing of parameter-combinations and … well phew!

oh! and it produces really great graphics as well.



Thank you! @Xyzor_Max, and @Eric_Koleda, and everyone who supported me! :smile:

This is just the tip of the iceberg. I’m already actively using the pack to build my consulting services page to render some custom headers (larger and with an accented underline) and other page elements. When I’ll finish developing it, it could really become a staple of Coda layouting and wiki-ing workflow.

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