And the winners of the Coda Packathon are

The votes are in! Our panel of judges have reviewed the entries to the Coda Packathon, and let me be the first to say, you have blown us away with the quality and ingenuity of your submissions.

We started the Packathon as a celebration of the Pack Studio, and I can’t think of a better way to commemorate the launch than by demonstrating the creativity of the Coda community. Without further ado, here are your winners of the Coda Packathon:

Winners: We will be in contact via Devpost shortly about receiving your prize!

A huge thank you to everyone who participated, voted, and judged the first ever Coda Packathon — we hope you had as much fun as we did!

Eric & the Coda Packs team


Congrats to our winners, but so many incredible incredible entries. Thanks to everyone for participating and excited to see what you build next!


The entries were amazing. So inspiring!


Bravo to all, excellent work



Thanks Coda for organizing this amazing Packathon, it was an awesome idea really well executed!!!

Congrats to the rest of the winners, so many incredible new Packs that are going to be added to the Gallery :raised_hands: :raised_hands: :raised_hands:


Congrats to all the winners and participants! Amazing Packs.


congrats to the winners !

well done to all the entrants - amazing work by all.

and a big thank you to the coda team for organising it all - a great idea that i suspect flushed out quite a few new packs that might have remained a vague idea otherwise.

and a very special mention to @Eric_Koleda for his unending stalwart support and encouragement to all the pack builders out there.

a VERY successful hackathon event by all measures. i hope this will become a REGULAR event…



Woo-hoo, congrats all! :raised_hands:


Congrats everyone, this was so much fun!
Great job to the winners, but also to everyone who participated and created Packs :slight_smile:

Big thanks to @Eric_Koleda and @Hector_Reyes who were amazingly helpful!


… to the winners :raised_hands: :partying_face: … but as someone still being almost nowhere when it comes to Packs (I’ll get there though :relaxed: ) to every Maker who tried and submitted a Pack too :raised_hands: and last but not least, to our Dear Codans :coda: who gave life to this event :raised_hands: !!! I hope there will others :blush: !!!

Said differently : Congratulations everybody :raised_hands: :partying_face: !!!


Congrats to all of the winners and makers! I loved going through all of the submissions and seeing everyone’s brilliance. I will echo the praise and thanks for @Eric_Koleda. You are simply the best in the business and provide so much wisdom and support for makers of all levels. In all seriousness, my name isn’t on this list without your guidance. It just continues to amaze me to see the level of support and encouragement from the Coda community. Everyone truly is a maker here!

Let’s do it again soon!


3rd place: Google Sheets for Coda by Arjun Ganesan DOES NOT WORK!

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Holy **** I was just thinking to myself that we need some kind of payments tracking so we can track the payouts of certain promo codes in Stripe a month ago.

I’ll go check it out but can anyone hook me up with the Stripe pack?

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Hey @Jake_Nguyen !

You can access the Stripe pack directly at Stripe Pack, extend Coda with Stripe | Coda. It is a really great pack!


Stripe Pack creator here @Jake_Nguyen !

Let me know if you have any questions, issues or feature requests you would like to talk about :slight_smile: