Launched: Pack Studio puts the power(ups) in your hands

When we first launched Packs, they were Coda-created integrations to link apps to your docs. But much like our docs themselves, Packs have continued to evolve to create workspaces that work best for you. Now, Packs extend Coda in ways far beyond integrations, from custom formulas to visual effects and far beyond.

At our Block Party event last October, we promised that anyone would be able to create their own Pack and share it with others through the Gallery. Today, we’re delivering on that promise. The Pack Studio allows anyone to build a Pack through our web-based editor (no downloads or messy setup required!) or through a developer-friendly command line interface (CLI).

Maker-generated Packs bridge the gap between Coda and the community, creating a full platform for invention, creation, and collaboration. Here are just a few ways Pack Studio helps you succeed:

  • Solve problems. There’s no need to bend your processes or create patchy workarounds to accommodate out-of-the-box apps. By building custom Packs, you can address problems head-on. The power is in your hands to create new Coda building blocks that customize your team’s tools, fill gaps in the current Gallery, or answer one of our community requests. Along the way, you’ll elevate the maker community.
  • Create with confidence. At Coda, we believe that everyone is a maker. You don’t need to be a developer to create in Pack Studio, and we designed it with all the tools you need to build quickly and easily. Custom code helpers and in-line assistants lower the barrier to entry by helping you along the way.
  • Build your business. Packs make for smoother experiences, and smoother experiences lead to greater spread for your docs and retention of users. You can extend Coda to your own product like Tally, launch your startup like Blossom, or start a side-hustle by publishing (and soon, selling!) your Pack in the Gallery.

All you need is a bright idea and a little bit of time to create the next Pack. Ready to get started? Here are a few ways to jump in:

  1. Register now to ride along with Coda’s Developer Advocate, Eric Koleda, on June 28th at 9am PST as he guides you through making your first Pack.
  2. Sign up for the Coda Packathon, a six-week virtual hackathon where makers build and submit Packs for the chance at winning cash prizes.
  3. Try your hand by building a sample Pack just for fun! It could be anything from converting Celsius to Fahrenheit to generating dad jokes.

This is so epic!

I can’t wait to see what people build to extend their Coda super powers. I’ll be keeping my :eyes: on the gallery, but please feel free to share your Packs with pride here too, Coda Maker Community!


Coda is preparing the ground to be THE no-code platform where you can build dashboards, apps, workflows, mobile apps, websites and more. It will be just a matter of time :rocket:


And just like that, Jack was never seen again. His last words? “Wow, let’s see what I can build next!!”


Happens to the best of us!

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Hell yeah. Y’all are amazing :muscle: