Happy Birthday Pack Studio!

It’s a bit belated (we launched the Pack Studio on June 22, 2022), but better late than never! It’s been a great year working with you all, and the Packs ecosystem has come so far.

Thanks to everyone that’s been a part of the journey so far, and excited for what the next year will bring!


In Pack years, isn’t it like seven? :wink:


Wow, 537 new packs is amazing.

Im very excited to see where this journey is going and what packs we will see in the future.

Big thanks to all the pack makers out there :orange_heart: :wave:.

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@Eric_Koleda Thank you for being so active in the community throughout the past year! Almost every post asking about packs includes you in the conversation. I don’t even make packs, but it’s comforting to see consistent staff help in the community!