Maker Stories - Turning your doc into a Pack with Todd Olson

Interested in building Packs but not sure where to get started? Join Coda maker and Maker Fund recipient @Todd_Olson as he walks us through how he recently converted his Coda doc into a Pack. We’ll explore what problem inspired Todd to build his Time and Money doc in the first place and what ultimately led him to take it one step further by creating a Pack. Plus, we’ll discuss Todd’s experience with the Pack Studio and why Packs aren’t just integrations. Bring your questions on ideating, building, and publishing Packs to this session.


Signed up and looking forward to it!

My biggest question is: do you need to have coding knowledge to make packs?

Hi Tim! I’m going to let my colleague @Eric_Koleda weigh in here as well, but my perspective is that a bit of coding knowledge helps, but it is by no means a restriction. We’ve had Codans from all departments build and be successful with Pack making.

Today creating a Pack does require writing code, so it certainly goes a long way if you have a baseline of coding. Writing Coda formulas is a form of coding, so if you feel very comfortable there I’d urge you to give Pack making a try. I know @Scott_Collier-Weir took a short JavaScript to learn the basics before diving into Packs, and I think that can go a long way.


This was such a great session, thanks for hosting, @maria!

@Todd_Olson, you’re truly an inspiration! Love how you stuck with the process and gained all the skills you needed to turn your awesome Finance doc into a pack!


In case you missed it (like me), you can watch the recording on Codas YT channel:


Thank you for attending the session, Nina, and thank you for your kind words.