Recruiting a Coda expert

Hi everyone, I’m the Product Manager at a NYC based startup. I need a Coda builder to set up our entire front-and backend coaching platform. If you’re interested in this challenge just reply to this message and I’ll share details with you. Thanks!

Hey Lieke! And welcome to the community!

I can take a look — gigs like this is what I want to start doing regularly soon. Please let me know what you need either in private messages or by email

I don’t have a formal portfolio, but you can see my activity in the community. One thing though: while I’m well-skilled with Coda itself (data structuring, formulas, presentation and usability), I don’t have much experience with Packs. So if your task involves integrating forms and 3rd party apps, that won’t be as quick: I’ll have to figure those out from scratch, and I won’t know which roadblocks lie ahead.

Thanks Paul! Appreciate your reply, I just sent you an email.