[Request] Creative studio seeking part time dev help

Hey there!

We have a robust database of projects and employees built in Coda. We are constantly updating and adjusting these docs/databases as our needs grow. Some of these docs include tools to assist with resourcing and project management. A handful of teams already use these docs in their day-to-day operations, and we are seeing more teams interested in joining and using similar docs for their needs. Many of our docs are connected to each other with cross-doc, thus the architecture, scalability, and performance of these docs are of utmost importance to us.

We’d love to collaborate with a Coda developer/doc maker who has extensive knowledge of Coda and can help maintain the asks within the currently built system + help us with any new solutions and builds that we need as we discover new venues and ways to have Coda help our processes. We also have a custom-built integration with the Greenhouse API which will need to be maintained.

Required skills include the following:

  • Coda
  • Scripting, automation & formula building
  • Data models & database design/architecture
  • RESTful APIs & web app integration
  • UX design & product management

Sounds all like my skills :slight_smile: I know a thing or two about Coda. Feel free to DM me and we can schedule some time to chat.

Awesome, thanks @Paul_Danyliuk ! I don’t have perms to DM yet so maybe you can DM me or shoot me your email address. Thanks! :slight_smile: