[Offer] Looking to HIRE a consultant for Development in CODA

HI CODA Community

We are looking for well versed consultants in CODA to help with the development/build out of a project in the finance field.
The project is spec’d… Looking forward to your help.



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Hey @Jacob_Shaffer , my firm FMHaven.com develops Coda custom projects and specializes in helping small businesses build out their automations and systems. We are very familiar with finance and are confident we can help. We can work on a lump sum or hourly basis depending on your needs.

We also provide 1:1 video mentoring where one of our engineers will share a screen with you and review your Coda doc to help you overcome any obstacles or brainstorm ways to achieve your objective. Feel free to reach out!

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HI John

Thanks for the swift reply

I would like to discuss the fixed project build option.

Please send me some of your availabilities so we can arrange a meeting



Hey Jacob! I responded to you personally via email - but happy to help!

I can also do hourly or fixed project price if the requirements are clear. Happy to do a no obligation call to see if we would be a good fit. You can also reach out to me directly at scott@simpladocs.com

Looking forward to connecting!

Hey @Jacob_Shaffer, welcome to the community!

Late to the party but I’m doing this as well. My specialty is docs built to last — I’m making them as performant and scalable and as enjoyable to use as it’s currently possible with Coda. I’m also running the Coda Tricks YouTube channel and a Patreon campaign where I share more special knowledge, and will also be making courses / offer training soon. Recently I teamed up with a partner who’s very capable of taking on most of the work, only needing me for very complicated cases.

If you’re interested feel free to book some time here. The introductory call is a complimentary one: