Ongoing Consulting Relationship

I am a finance person. I do financial planning & analysis as well as bookkeeping, mostly for nonprofits. I make decent money doing this. Yet, for some reason, I’ve been kidding myself into thinking I could also be a Coda designer/programmer. Hahaha.

I would like to form a relationship with someone who can help me in an ongoing capacity. I don’t currently have the bandwidth to map out the entire project, but I have a few odds and ends here and there that I’d like to get done. Long term, I want to build all of our processes into this platform. (We are a new company, so at this point, we are still designing the processes.)

Do you know of someone who is willing to have such a relationship?

Thank you,

Mary Going

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Hey Mary! Totally open to this kind of work - Just sent you a private message, or you can reach out to me at →

Hey Mary!

I also have a background in finance and accounting, now working at Coda! Happy to help anyway I can.

Hey @Mary_Going! I do Coda consulting and doc development for hire. If you’re interested in my help please DM or ping me at