[Service] Calling Coda Freelancers?

Hi Coda Community,

Are there yet any Coda pros offering their services for hire?

We’re an EXTREMELY busy platform business rolling out part of our operations teams on Coda. Some of the largest brands in the world use our product to build and scale distributed growth. We need your help to support our team to design, build and ship operations infrastructure built on Coda.

We have a very clear roadmap and set of requirements. We just need some more applied focus to help us get it out the door.

If you’re a Coda pro and know the platform back to front, love a design and implementation challenge and want to sink your teeth into something thats used by 100’s of users drop me a PM and I can give you more background.



Hi Adam,
I’ve been using Coda pretty much since the beginning & would love to talk to you about helping out. For 15 years I ran a CRM / ERP company so have vast experience with the complexities of databases, multiple tables, making the user experience work for the users not the developers, etc etc.
Happy to chat over the phone or via email (andyb@catalystica.com)
Andy Barton

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Replied in DM :slightly_smiling_face:

I do Coda consulting for the last half a year with great success. I specialize in creative and out of the box Coda solutions (@shishir, the CEO of Coda, summed it up the best :slightly_smiling_face:) and would love me some challenge.